• January 1 :

Michael attends a Barbara Streisand's concert at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas with friend Mike Milken.

  • January 5 :

Michael gives a moving speech to claim his innocence at the NAACP Image Awards Ceremony and he also presents the award for Best Choreographer to Debbie Allen.

  • January 12:

Michael wins the trial for The Girl Is MIne, Thriller & We Are The World

  • January 17:

Michael invites a group of disadvantaged children to spend the day at Neverland on Martin Luther King's birthday.

  • January 24th :

Los Angeles prosecutors announce that they do not have enough evidence to charge Evan Chandler with extorsion.

  • January 25:

Michael & Jordy's lawyer reach an agreement to settle the civil case. The Chandler agree to withdraw their complaint against a confidential financial compensation and the trial is cancelled.

  • February 2:

Michael attends a concert of The Temptations at the Sheraton Desert Inn of Las Vegas with his date LIsa Marie Presley...

  • February 9 :

Santa Barbara 's District Attorney, Thomas Sneddon Jr et Los Angeles ' District Attorney Gill Garcetty both set up a Grand Jury to determine if there is enough evidence to indict Michael and put him through a criminal trial... Miko Brando is among the first to testify...

  • February 14:

Michael goes to a Denver courtroom to testify that he did not steal the song Dangerous from Crystal Cartier as she proclaims.

  • February 15:

Michael wins this new trial!

  • February 19 :

The whole Jackson family (except LaToya) is reunited at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to rehearse & tape The Jackson Family Honors TV Special which os broadcast a few days later in the whole world. Michael does not perform but he present two lifetime achievement awards to Berry Gordy & Elizabeth Taylor .

  • Late February :

Michael starts to record a new album at the Hit Factory Studio in New York City and he checks in the Trump Tower in Midtown

Frank & Eddie visit him often as well as the 3T, Austin Brown (Rebbie's son) & Deepack Choprah.

  • April 12 :

Michael goes to Planet Hollywood in NYC

  • April 14 :

Michael goes to see the movie Stomp at the Orpheum in NYC

  • April 18/19 :

Michael is seen in Orlando (close to Disneyworld )

  • April 28 :

Michael accepts a Caring For Kids award during the Children Choice Awads at the City Center in New York CIty (where he rents a three bedroom suit at the Trump Tower )

  • May :

Michael starts working on a remake of a musical named The Seven Faces Of Doctor Lao with special effect specialist Stan Winston.

  • May 25 :

Michael & LIsa Marie Presley arrive at Casa de Campo de Campo in Domenican Republic .

  • May 26 :

Michael & Lisa Marie secretly marry in a 12 minutes ceremony only attended by Eva Darling & Thomas Keough!

  • June 5 :

Michael takes Lisa Marie & her children Benjamin & Dannielle to DIsneyworld in Florida .

Michael also pays a visit to Shaquille O'Neal to talk about a musical collaboration.

  • June 20 :

Big Boy, the first ever Jackson 5 single is re-released by Ben Brown, the owner of Steeltown Records along with prevously unreleased material from the 1968 recording sessions at his studio.

  • June 23:

Michael visits Cab Calloway in a New York Hospital .

  • July 11 :

Medias learn about MIchael & LIsa Marie 's wedding.

  • July 26/27 :

Disguised in Cheik Arab, Michael attends Janet' concerts at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

  • August 1 :

Lisa Marie confirms that she is indeed married to MIchael.

  • August 5 :

Michael & LIsa Marie arrive in Budapest (Hongria) and make their first public appearance together causing a media frenzy.

  • August 6 :

Michael & Lisa Marie visit sick children at an hospital and meet Bela Farkas, a little boy in need of a transplant. Moved by his story they decide to fiance his operation that will save his life.

  • August 7 :

Michael shoots a teaser for his forthcoming album with a whole army of russian soldiers!

  • August 9 :

Michael & Lisa Marie fly back to New York where Michael resumes the recording of his new album.

Michael introduces Lisa Marie to the Cascios.

  • August 20 :

Michael & LIsa Marie are on the cover of many magazine around the world (Jet, Hello, Paris Match ect...) with the exclusive pictures taken by photograph Dick Zimmerman.

  • August 27 :

Michael organises the wedding od Miko Brando & Karen Hamilton which takes place at Neverland but he has to leave when he learns the tragic death of Dee Dee Jackson ( Tito's ex wife and mother of the 3T) who was found dead in her swimming pool by her boyfriend Donald Bohana. After years of fight for the Jackson family, Bohana will eventually be convicted of murder...

Michael support the 3T and help them on the recording of their album (he signed them on his label MJJ MUSIC)

  • September 2-6 :

Michael & Lisa Marie visit France (Nice, Cannes , Paris & Disneyland) and spend time with Prince Al Waleed who wants to launch a production company with Michael.

  • September 12 :

MIchael & Lisa Marie open the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony with a big french kiss!

  • September 24 :

Tom Sneddon & Gill Garcetti announce that there is not enough evidence to charge Michael with child mollestation...

  • October :

Michael & Lisa Marie are on the cover of Ebony with an exclusive interview of MIchael by Robert Johnson.

  • October 8 :

Michael & Lisa attend an Elvis Presley tribute gala in Memphis with Janet & Rene and Lisa's mother Priscillia Presley

Michael starts recording a duet with Janet.

  • November 5 :

Laurent Hopman visits Michael at the Hit Factory Studio in New York and gets to listen to 3 songs from the new album!

  • December 10 :

Adrian Grant visits MIchael in Chicago where he is recording songs with producer R Kelly.

Michael makes a photoshoot for the album's booklet with his nephews Jeremy & Jourdynn & his cousins Elijah & Levon

  • Dcember 24/25 :

Michael makes a break in the recording sessions to enjoy the holidays with Lisa Marie & her children at Neverland.

  • December 31 :

Michael celebrates New Year's eve at Neverland with Lisa Marie, her children & the Cascios.