Deepak Choprah introduces Grace Rwaramba to Michael and she is hired as a secretary at MJJ Productions.January: Michael is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Anton Furst, the director of MidKnight commits suicide which puts the film on ice…

The single of Remember The Time is released.

  • February 2:

Fox, BET & MTV simultaneously premiere the 9 minute short film for Remember The Time.

  • February 3:

Michael holds a press conference at Radio City Music Hall in New York to announce his new endorsement deal with Pepsi + his new world tour to raise funds for his newly formed Heal The World Foundation.

  • February 5:

Michael is in Washington D.C to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from NABOB (National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters) Reverend Jesse Jackson present him the award.

  • February 10:

Michael departs from Los Angeles for a one week tour of Africa (with Brett Barnes)

  • February 11:

Michael is welcomed by 100 000 people when he arrives in Libreville in . President Omar Bongo presents him with a Medal Of Honour at the Ambassador’s Hall in the Presidential Palace.

  • February 12-18:

The town of Oyen welcomes Michael and he is crowned “King Of Sami” by tribal chief Amon N’Djafolk.

In Dar-Es-Salaam, Michael is the guest of President Ali Hassan.

Michael travels 30 000 miles but his excursions to hospitals, orphanages, schools & churches receive little positive media coverage.

  • February 19:

Michael arrives in London whith his young Australian friend Brett Barnes and they check in the Dorchester Hotel

  • February 20:

Michael appears on the cover of Jet magazine with Eddie Murphy & Iman.

Michael & Brett visit Hamleys Toy Store and Rock Circus on Piccadilly Circus

  • February 21:

Michael visits Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

  • February 22:

Michael visits comedian Benny Hill at the Royal Brompton Hospital

  • February 23:

Michael flies back to Los Angeles .

  • March 16:

Michael is on the cover of Jet magazine with an interview in Africa .

  • March 29:

Michael films the video for In The Closet directed by Herb Ritts and featuring Naomi Campbell. He has dinner with the winner of a MTV Contest.

  • April :

The single of In The Closet Is released.

  • April 20:

Michael is in Chicago to film the video for Jam featuring Michael Jordan, Kriss Kross and rapper Heavy D (he takes Brett Barnes & Wade Robson with him)

  • April 23:

The In The Closet video is premiered on FOX, MTV & BET.

  • May:

Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine. Michael meets Jordy Chandler and they exchange phone numbers. Grace Rwaramba is hired at MJJ Productions.

  • May 1:

Michael is in Washington to accept a Point Of Light Award from President Bush. While in Washington , Michael visits a little girl, Raynal Pope, who was mauled by dogs.

  • May 6:

Michael covers the funeral costs of Ramon Sanchez who was killed by a stray bullet during the LA riots.

  • June:

Michael rehearses for his new tour & shoot the video for Who Is It (directed by David Fincher)

  • June 3:

Michael goes to Manhattan in NYC to attend "One To One" gala where he is awarded for his charity work. And then he goes ti Tavern On The Green and Plaza Oak with Donald Trump & Elizabeth Taylor.

  • June 18:

Dancing The Dream, a book of poetry & essays from Michael Jackson is published by Doubleday.

  • June 19:

The Jam video is premiered on FOX, BET & MTV.

  • June 23:

Michael arrives in London to hold a press conference about his Heal The World Foundation (he takes Brett Barnes with him on tour)

  • June 24:

Michael & his entourage arrive in Munich . Travelling with him are Brett Barnes, Bob Jones, Bill Bray, Wayne Nagin, Karen Faye, Michael Bush & the whole tour crew.

  • June 25:

Michael films the video for Give In To Me with Slash in Munich .

  • June 26:

Michael presents a cheque to the Mayor of Munich for the city’s needy children at the capital’s City Hall.

  • June 27:

Michael kicks off the Dangerous World Tour at the Olympic Stadium in Munich .

  • June 29:

Michael visits Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam to donate £100 000.

  • June 30/July 1:

Concerts in Rotterdam ( Holland )

  • July:

The new Jackson/Pepsi commercials Dreams & I’ll Be There are aired on TV.

The single Jam is released in while Who Is It is released in Europe .

  • July 4:

Concert in Rome

  • July 6/7:

Concerts in Monza ()

  • July 11:

Concert in Cologne ()

  • July 13:

The Who Is It video is premiered on BBC2 but Michael withdraws it the day after.

  • July 15:

Concert in Oslo ()

  • July 17/18:

Concerts in Stockholm ()

  • July 20:

Concert in Copenhagen ()

  • July 22:

Concert in Werchter ()

  • July 25:

Concert in Dublin ()

  • July 26:

Michael visits for the first time Disneyland Paris with Brett Barnes.

  • July 29:

Michael arrives to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in London with Mickey & Minnie characters! Later he checks in the Dorchester Hotel.

  • July 30:

Concert in Wembley.

  • July 31:

Michael meets Prince Charles backstage before his second Wembley concert and presents him with a cheque for £200 000 for the Prince’s Trust.

  • August 1:

Michael cancels the third Wembley concert at the last minute.

  • August 5:

Concert in Cardiff ()

  • August 8:

Concert in Bremen ()

  • August 10:

Concert in Hambourg ()

  • August 13:

Concer in Hameln ()

  • August 16:

Concert in Leeds ()

  • August 18:

Concert in Glasgow ()

  • August 20/22/23:

Concerts in Wembley

  • August 25:

Michael attends the first Heal The World European Children’s Congress at the Regent’s College in London despite suffering from laryngitis.

  • August 26:

Concert in Vienna ()

  • August 28:

Concert in Frankfurt ()

  • August 29:

Michael spends his 34th birthday in Regensburg at the castle of Princess Gloria Von Thurn And Taxis .

  • August 30:

Concert in Ludwigshafen ()

  • September:

Jam is released in Europe .

  • September 2:

Concert in Beyreuth ()

Michael phones to Ryan White’s mother during her appearance at the Maury Povich US TV Show.

  • September 4:

Concert in East Berlin ()

  • September 6:

Michael cancels his concert in Gelsenkirchen because of severe throat problems.

  • September 8:

Concert in Lausanne ()

  • September 11:

Michael cancels another concert in Basel ()

  • September 13:

Concert at the Hippodrome de Vincennes in Paris .

  • September 16:

Concert in Toulouse

  • September 18:

Concert in Barcelona ()

  • September 21:

Concert in Oviedo ()

  • September 23:

Concert in Madrid ()

  • September 26:

Concert in Lisbon (Portugal)

  • September 28 :

Michael in Bucharest (Roumania)

  • September 30 :

Michael officially launches his Heal The World Foundation at an orphanage in Bucharest in presence of the prime minister of Roumania.

  • October 1:

Michael’s concert in Bucharest is broadcast live on radio & TV to 61 countries in the world

  • October 2:

Michael arrives in Istanbul

Alejandra Loaiza gives birth to Randy Jackson Jr in Colombia, South America.

When Randy learns about it, he flies to Colombia and take Alejandra back to California with their children Genevieve & Randy Jr.

  • October 4:

Five hours before Michael is due to perform in Istanbul , the concert is postponed and Michael is on his way to London .

  • October 5:

Michael consults a Harley Streetspecialist regarding throat problems. Michael has to cancel the rest of the European tour in order to rest.

  • October 6:

Michael flies back home.

  • October 10:

cable TV network HBO broadcast another version of the Bucharest concert earning the highest cable TV ratings in history!

  • November:

The Heal The World single is released.

  • November 14:

Michael is on the cover of TV Guide.

  • November 15-18:

The Jacksons-An American Dream is aired on ABC. This mini series about the Jackson family I produced by Jermaine & Margaret and becomes a huge success.

  • November 24:

Inside a hangar at New York ’s John F Kennedy Airport , Michael witnesses the loading of 43 tons of medical supplies flown by Heal The World & Americares.

  • December 9:

At the Billboard Music Awards, Michael accepts two awards through a video presentation filmed earlier with Phil Collins at Neverland.

Michael arrives in Tokyo and checks in the Capitol Hotel.

  • December 10:

At a press conference at the American Consulate, Michael accepts a cheque of $100 000 for Heal The World.

  • December 12/14:

Concert at the Tokyo Dome.

  • December 15:

Michael visits Sega Enterprises and discusses a new project.

  • December 17:

Concert at the Tokyo Dome.

  • December 18:

Michael visits Disneyland Tokyo.

  • December 19/22/24:

Concerts at the Tokyo Dome.

  • December 26-28:

Michael flies to Nagasaki-Ken to visit the amusement park Huis Ten with Tito’s children, the 3T.

  • December 29:

Michael returns to Disneyland Tokyo with the 3T.

  • December 30/31:

Last concerts at the Tokyo Dome with Slash playing the guitar!